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How to measure excavator or bulldozer undercarriage surplus use value?

October 8, 2019

Latest company news about How to measure excavator or bulldozer undercarriage surplus use value?

The undercarriage is one of the most important and expensive spare parts on your crawler excavator or bulldozer. If the undercarriage is not regularly inspected and maintained, the undercarriage’s life span will be decreased. Besides, the surplus use-value of the undercarriage is a key to mining projects or something else. Therefore, it is necessary to do a thorough assessment of undercarriage wear. There are some tips assessing undercarriage wear as following.


At first, check whether track shoes are bent and damaged or not. At the same time, look for any wetness or signs of oil leaking from the rollers and front idler.


Second, check if pins and bushings have been turned or need to be turned through a visual inspection. If the top half of bushing is worn, that means the pins and bushings have been turned. If the teeth of sprocket rim are pointed, they are worn out. That means will soon need to be replaced.


Third, measure the width and depth of shoes with a tapeline.


Fourth, measure Carrier Roller: Use the caliper tool in the kit to measure the diameter of the top roller. Slide the tips of the caliper over the widest part of the roller and record the diameter. Look up that number on the OEM specs to get the percentage of wear.


Fifth, Measure Track Roller: also need to measure the diameter of Track Roller.


Sixth, Measure Front Idler: Use the depth gauge again to measure the wear on the front idler.


Seventh, Measure Pin and Bushing: Measure the rail height and the diameter of pin and bushing.

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